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Wave V – Exploring

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More About Wave V Exploring

Wave V – Exploring (6 CDs – 6 Exercises) is all about new explorations, or potentially explorations of unknowns in a new light. Our new explorer (you), is now ready to embark upon a different set of Hemi-Sync frequencies that leads to Focus 15.

Monroe called this Focus 15 a state where time is non-existent. One is said to be just being.  One is not aware of anything else other than being there, wherever there maybe. The physical body and its senses are shut down from one’s awareness.

There are important lessons and exercises in Wave V that help the explorer advance from the other previously learned Wave exercises. As though, everything can happen all at the same time and becoming more alert and aware, ready for the next adventure. Many new discoveries of self are beginning to surface. The more you relax, the deeper your focus and awareness get.

Keep Exploring at Your own Pace

You probably will not wait for the next moment to experience more, but be patient. Keep the exercise flowing naturally. You will get “there” in “no time.” So, enjoy every moment and the innocence of the first experience.

Add This Gateway Product to Cart at Hemisyncforyou.com

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