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Mortal Mist – A Forum for Travelers

Mortal Mist

Explore the Mortal Mist

One of the things that we find as we explore other realms and levels of consciousness, is that the journey there is filled with questions. One of the best ways to get answers, at least to give you a frame of reference to work in, is to talk with other people who have done what you are attempting to do.

All of us have learned most of what we know from other people, or their experiences that they shared with us. If we are are wise, we look at those things and then create our own experience from them.

A great place I have found to read and share experiences in these realms, like astral travel or lucid dreaming to name a couple, is the forum at Mortal Mist

Just register for free and begin to browse. There are many things to learn and much you can probably share with others.

Here is an excerpt from the Forum that explains what they do:

Welcome, fellow dreamers, to Mortal Mist, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Within these forums are located the most advanced Dream Jounaling system currently in place on the net, complete with statistics, tagging, and a tool with which to draw your dreams from inside the posting page and easily post your finished picture into your journal entry without having to worry about finding somewhere to host the picture or fiddle with attachments. Aside from the DJ itself, the best thing here is our members, who are undoubtably the heart of the forum, and one of the most mature crowds present at any dreaming forum up.

And speaking of sharing, don’t forget the contest we are running called “Sharing the Experience”. You can win the beautiful “Headphones in a Pillow” from Sleepsonic.com if you get the most people to comment on your Mortal Mist experience.