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Astral Travel vs Doing Nothing

astral travelReading through some blog posts on astral travel got me to thinking about the whole idea of why this technique can be useful for many people.

Problem solving is something we all struggle with to some extent and I have found that I am most effective when I do one of the focus disciplines I have learned over the years. No matter what it is, it always requires me to be still.

One of my favorite is to sit in a fairly darkened room and trance myself with a candle flame. Once that state is reached, when all the voices in my head have had their say and are quiet, answers some times come within moments.

The answer takes only moments; it’s the getting to the state that I can receive them that takes the time, and effort. This can take half and hour or more, and sometimes even then I can’t get to the state I need to be in. This is all time that I am supposedly “doing nothing”.

What I know many people have trouble with is this taking the time to “do nothing”. We, in the Western world, are driven by a combination of the Protestant work ethic and a persistent state of ADD. We can’t sit still. We have to be doing something. We might be missing someone texting us, or posting on our Facebook page: God forbid we miss that!

We have all these jobs to do and people to meet and things to say and TV to watch and on and on. “Sit and look at a candle for an hour? What a waste of valuable time!”, I hear you saying. The point that is missed is that doing those focus exercises is anything but “doing nothing”. To do them well takes a tremendous amount of effort. Try it for a few minutes. Try to stop the constant flow of thought for 5 seconds. Try to hold one image for 10 seconds.

Since I know all of this and have experienced all this, the idea of how using astral travel or OBE instead might be appealing to some people. My focus exercises take time out of my “busy” day. Astral travel takes place at night when I sleeping anyway. So, presto, I have solved the “time wasting” issue since, when sleeping, I’m not doing anything anyway, right?

This is all a bit tongue-in-cheek, but anything that helps someone deal with their issues and get answers to important problems can’t be all bad. Even in our busy society, people still say, when asked to make a tough decision, “Let me sleep on it.” Singer found his solution to his sewing machine problem in a dream. Many others have done the same. So can you; or you can program an out-of-body experience to bring you the answer.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat – and get a problem solved.

Happy travels!

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The Gateway Experience – It’s not all about OBEs

History of The Gateway Experience

obeThe Gateway Experience, for at-home use, came from the Gateway Voyage program, which was developed back in the 70’s by Robert Monroe, and is still offered at The Monroe Institute today. Many people were attracted to this program and you can read about many of them in this blog.

This group included some of the leading minds and participants in the military’s remote viewing program as well as members of the US Army’s Intelligence and Security Command under the command of MG Bert Stubblebine. But, it also attracted many people who were just interested in exploring deeper aspects of themselves. Continue reading