The Gateway Experience and Sleepsonic

sleepsonic and girlAs you already know, when you are using any kind of audio program like The Gateway Experience, sitting up with headphones on for a longer period of time can get uncomfortable. Some of our readers say their neck muscles get sore; some even say they have spasms.

Others report that since they tend to doze off on some of the focus exercises (which is OK – your sub-conscious never sleeps!), they experience that sometimes painful snap of the neck that wakes them up.

Sleepsonic Offers the Perfect Solution

How to beat that problem? We looked around and have found a great solution for you: it is the “Headphones in a Pillow” from This very cool pillow has 2 high quality digital headphone speakers built into really comfortable foam that is covered with a selection of really nice materials.

You simply lie down, centered on the pillow, and the speakers will be just to the side of each of your ears. And, although we don’t really think about it, the bony structure of your skull just behind your ears also transmits sounds into the audio centers of your brain just like your ears do.

One really nice feature of the Sleepsonic pillow is that you can listen to your audio programs at a comfortable level for you and not disturb your sleeping partner like would be the case with a boombox.

Here is a link you can follow to take a look at the really great variety of models they have:

And notice there is even one for Kids!

Sleepsonic and The Experience Even While You Sleep!

We find this to be the perfect way to use The Gateway Experience when we are doing longer sessions. And, you can put on one of the Waves, set it to repeat, and listen all night long. Very powerful!

Enjoy The Experience and get a good night’s sleep with Sleepsonic!

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