The Gateway Experience – It’s not all about OBEs

History of The Gateway Experience

obeThe Gateway Experience, for at-home use, came from the Gateway Voyage program, which was developed back in the 70’s by Robert Monroe, and is still offered at The Monroe Institute today. Many people were attracted to this program and you can read about many of them in this blog.

This group included some of the leading minds and participants in the military’s remote viewing program as well as members of the US Army’s Intelligence and Security Command under the command of MG Bert Stubblebine. But, it also attracted many people who were just interested in exploring deeper aspects of themselves.

Many of those people made it to Virginia to experience the Voyage at TMI. But, as the word spread of its amazing results, more and more people wanted to participate. A combination of factors, including limited student capacity at TMI along with the fairly high costs of participating, resulted in the home study version we call The Gateway Experience.

Robert Monroe and OBE

Robert Monroe is probably best known for his work with out-of-body experiences, OBEs, which is well documented in his Trilogy. Brief summaries are posted here:

But it’s More than OBE

But as the user of the Experience soon finds, having an OBE is not where you start. You begin the process by learning how to achieve deeper levels of Focus which go from Focus 10 to the penultimate Focus 21. It is only when one has begun to master these levels that one is guided into experiencing the first attempts at leaving the body.

And it is these levels of focus that can have the most immediate and practical applications in our everyday lives. An OBE will also have that, but later and at a more subtle level. Creating singular focus has been the secret of great minds since time immemorial. It is not something that is available to only the special initiate into some secret society. The potential is within all of us all of the time.

The Gateway Experience is a Tool

The Gateway Experience, then, becomes a toll for harnessing this latent power within us. Through the exercises you will begin to find where to find this power and how to begin using it. The process is sometimes long because there is often a lot of “emotional stuff” we have to go through to still our minds enough to find the focus. Analogies have been made to riding a wild horse. Until we teach the horse who’s boss, we will be thrown around a lot.

Become the horse tamer and we open up a whole new range of possibilities for ourselves. Focus can be used to help us see more clearly how we should make decisions in our lives. It will give us the ability to calm our mind and find serenity in our bodies which will lead to simple things like the ability to stop worrying, or to sleep better, or to be a more stable partner or parent.

Go Beyond the OBE to Greater Focus Anytime!

Anytime we find the way to a calmer and more serene attitude, we do the body an enormous favor and it will reward us with greater health. Greater health provides a greater life, not to mention lower doctor bills 🙂

What would the ability to focus better do for your life? What would a calmer, more serene attitude mean to your health? What would improved health mean to your life and to your relationships?

(FDA disclaimer: Any claims of better health have not been approved by the FDA so, of course, they can’t happen. If you do find yourself getting better, please don’t give us credit since we might end up in jail for practicing medicine without a license!)

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