The Power of Connections

In my research for this blog, I am always searching the internet for relevant information to write about and to share with you, our readers. I search blogs and forums and google around the whole net to find good content.

And then sometimes, it walks right in the door. That was the case recently, when I noticed we were getting some interesting traffic coming from another blog. So I went to investigate. And guess what? I found a really good source of a wide range of information about changing our lives.

The Gateway Experience is certainly about doing just that. But as in all things, there is more than one way “to skin a cat” (apologies to cat lovers – it’s just an old expression :-)). Steve Pavlina has established quite a reputation in the area of personal development with more than 2 million monthly readers to his website. He has also been quoted in numerous big name newspapers and other publications, and published his own book called “Personal Development for Smart People” in 2008.

Here is an excerpt from a recent blog post that begins “The Power of Connections”. The whole post is worth the read.

One of the conscious growth principles I’ve been teaching for years is the principle of Love. This principle states that you’ll grow significantly faster — and enjoy the process of growth much more — when your life is rich in supportive, encouraging connections.

People violate this principle constantly — and to their detriment when they do so. Partly that happens because they don’t understand this principle deeply enough.

That is what this blog is about: encouraging connections as we explore the fascinating, but sometimes confusing, world of expanding consciousness.

After you’ve read Steve’s article, we’d love to get your comments.

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