Using Affirmations before starting OBEs

Taking Control of your OBE

OBEOnce again, our favorite guest blogger on OBE has written a post which will certainly be something that many of you can learn from.

She writes about “rediscovering” the technique of using particular affirmations before you begin your journey to, in effect, allow the journey to proceed as you want it to.

Using affirmations, or control phrases, like “Clarity Now!”, or “Awareness now!” or “to my Higher Self”, she found the control of the experience was more in her hands and less left to “chance”.

Here is an excerpt from her blog about how using the affirmations changed her OBE experience:

I am pleased with the result, which adds to my excitement to know there is so much more for me to learn and experience now that I can control my environment better! In the beginning these affirmations gave me the basic stability I needed to get a few tasks done as I was not accustomed to seeing how to move about and use my thoughts and intentions. Now, in resuming the use of affirmations again with my more experienced knowledge of the astral environment, I am astounded that my ability to navigate the realm is even greater!

Her rediscovery came after reviewing some of William Buhlman’s newest work which brought her back to a more solid base to begin her journeys with.

William Buhlman on the OBE

We have written about William Buhlman on this blog before and we have featured the writings of Karen659 in 2 guest posts.

Read the whole post about the process of using the affirmations to have a more controlled OBE on her blog.

3 thoughts on “Using Affirmations before starting OBEs

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  2. Paul Blakey

    I wrote out all the affirmations from the audio disk, then put the list through Wordle to see what the most common words were. Much to my surprise the word BODY comes up the most, and considering that when on the cusp of an OOB we should not think of the body or ZAP we are back in the physical, it seemed counter-productive to repeat the word body so many times. Since I had recorded my own voice repeating the affirmations on a disk, I decided to change the words, taking out every reference to the body and replacing it with the word astral. Thus instead of “Now I am out of body,” I say, “Now I am in the astral.” I don’t know if this will be more effective, but it seemed worth a try. I have had various spontaneous OOBEs over more than 40 years, but I have never been able to consciously instigate an OOBE. At TMI I was able to split my consciousness, but I would like to be able to control the process better. I really like Buhlman’s audio instructions and experiences and I plan to follow them and try them until I succeed.

    Wish me luck!

    1. Gateway Experience Post author

      Great thought process, Paul. Words are so powerful and we sometimes forget that. In addition, when we use words we don’t fully understand, as in using a mantra without knowing what it really means, we program our sub-conscious mind to follow the words.

      As to the word “body” in the OBE phrase: we also have to keep in mind that the part of us (i.e. God self) that is being addressed with these affirmations, if we do them correctly, knows exactly what we mean and will not be influenced by the choice of words like our personality self.

      Come back and tell us how the new affirmations worked for you. You are undoubtedly not the only person who has thought of this 🙂


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