Visualization – A Powerful Tool for Change

visualizationWe’ve recently written about visualization for healing and now comes an even deeper look at this power.

Gregg Braden and the Power of Visualization

This video with Gregg Braden explores some fascinating research on how we are connected way beyond what we may believe and how the process of quantum entanglement works. The experiment he illustrates is similar to ones done before on blood samples, photons and plants. In a nut shell, once something is connected to something else, it is forever connected.

Take a DNA sample from someone and frighten them,; their DNA sample reacts instantly. Do the same with blood samples and you get similar results. Peter Tompkins showed us back in the 1970s how he could induce plants to react to certain stimulus, again instantly!

And the distance between the sample or plant and the experimenter is irrelevant. The communication between the objects is instantaneous – as in faster than the speed of light. Einstein spinning in his grave? No, I think when he left this plane, he got it – instantly 🙂

Then Braden goes on to tie this research into how, through visualization, especially with groups participating, we can change the world we live in.

Watch and enjoy:

The Power of Visualization Video

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