Why Raise Your Consciousness?

It could be difficult to consider exactly what one’s own state of consciousness is, and how it currently works. There may be a certain disconnect between our collective and habitual level of thinking and survival and ways to embrace a higher self.

Take a moment to contemplate these ancient symbols as pathways and entry ways to different levels of thought:

2 thoughts on “Why Raise Your Consciousness?

  1. Ken D.

    I have had experiences in higher states of consciousness. All times this happened through meditation. I have never been taught how to, but realize that for things to happen one must listen, that took a long while to realize. Many times the experience was absolutely New and fantastic. It got very all consuming and at times more than a bit scary. I really had no other persons to speak with about these experiences. The point I am trying to get to is that to do this alone at ones home may become overwhelming. Please let me know the order to follow as far as reading the books or listening to the cds. I do not want to just jump all over the plan, without a plan. Would a kind informative being please help me, with my questions.
    Thank You

  2. Traveler Post author

    Hi Ken we’ve directed your question to our head researcher in house and she’ll be in touch with you by email shortly. Sorry about the delay!


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