William Buhlman on the Out of Body Experience

William Buhlman - Out of Body ExperienceWilliam Buhlman has been an explorer of the Out of Body Experience for many years. I ran across his book, “Adventures Beyond the Body” many years ago and found it to be a useful guide for someone just starting out.

Recently, I ran across a reference to an article he wrote on his own blog: http://www.astralinfo.org/effectivemindset.htm. The article is fittingly entitled, The Out of Body Experience”!

The Mindset of the Out of Body Experience Explorer

He writes about what he calls the Out of Body Exploration Mindset. Mindset is, of course, always a part of everything we think, say and do, but it is especially important when we embark on something new. It is our human fear of the unknown.

Here is a short excerpt from his article:

During out-of-body exploration we confront many interesting experiences; these include vibrational state fears, thought forms, self made and external energy creations, contact with non-physical inhabitants and countless other issues. However, the single most pervasive issue we experience is our own indoctrinated mindset and state of consciousness. Our perception of reality is distorted by a collection of falsehoods and beliefs and complicated even further by our grossly inaccurate form based self-image. Our ability to effectively explore thought responsive realities is often blocked by our own conscious and subconscious mind.

Out of Body Experience with The Gateway Experience

We encourage you to follow the link in the excerpt and read the whole article. It can get you on the right footing, and in the right mindset, to begin the journey that we call The Gateway Experience, that will lead you into the wonderful world of the Out of Body Experience!

Learn more about the out of body experience from Robert Monroe and the “Explorers” at http://www.thegatewayexperience.com/explorers-of-hemi-sync