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William Buhlman on OBEs

If you’ve been interested in OBEs for any length of time, then you’ve run across William Buhlman and his writings, videos or workshops. He has been a trainer at The Monroe Institute (TMI) for some time and is a speaker who makes this often confusing phenomenon very easy to understand.

Here’s a video we ran across on YouTube in which he does one of the things he does best: talk about OBEs.

Enjoy and write your thoughts in the comment block under the video. We’d love to hear from you!

2012 – What’s Going to Happen?

20122012 seems to be on everyone’s minds as we enter this long awaited, much prophesied-about year.

The one thing the writers of the blog know is that we are an integral part of creating our own reality and that applies to 2012 as it does to every year.

In fact it applies to every day and every moment.

Some people don’t like that idea, but here’s an alternative:

Someone else is creating your reality for you!

But back to the overview of the year. William Buhlman, who has been featured a number of times on this blog, has some ideas of what to expect this year.

Here he is live:

OBE Workshop in Ireland

OBEs, out-of-body-experiences, or astral travel – no matter what you call them, they have been fascinating people since the beginning.

Around the world, people come together to learn and share experiences as they explore this other dimension that is so fascinating.

Here’s a beautiful video of an intensive workshop in Ireland held in November 2011.

Enjoy the video and as always, we’d love to hear your comments.

Using an OBE to save a life!

Our favorite blogger on OBEs {besides us of course :-)} has just written a new post in which she feels that she helped save a life while she was “out”.

This is how she starts the post:

I’m so excited to share this latest experience, as it has left me with wonderful glowing feelings of such satisfaction and happiness! Not only did I get to have my flying fun and freedom again, which I have missed for the past few months, but also a sense of completion and satisfaction for possibly helping at least one person, if not more, continue on with life.

As always, all of her posts are a great read. She is indeed a true explorer of the out-of-body experience!

The Travels of a Dream Walker

Questions about the Soul [Video]

As long as man/woman has existed, they have wondered about whether there was something more than just the earthly sojourn. Many believe the Soul is one of the parts of us that is eternal, that has existed since we first were created (way before science’s Big Bang) and was created in order to record everything we do in all our lives.

After passing this plane, it is the Soul that provides the data for the life review in which we see all that we have done, from both sides of the coin so to speak, and use that to plan our future lives.

There are, of course, other perspectives as well and this short video explores this area.

After you’ve watched it, leave us a comment on your views about the Soul. We’d love to hear from you!


William Buhlman Podcast – Keys to Control

William BuhlmanAnother podcast by our friend Ali-Wings from Astral with William Buhlman.

This one is called Keys to Control and is part of a OBE troubleshooting series that covers common issues:

Ever had problems when you’re out-of-body? Blurred vision, movement problems, heaviness, recall difficulties…. the problems seem endless! Look no further – Presenting Part 1 of William Buhlman’s OBE trouble-shooting guide.

Since William is one of the masters of OBE and training for OBE, it’s well worth the listen.

Thanks again to Ali-Wings for putting up the podcast.