Lucid Dreams? How Many Kinds of are There? Here are 2

lucid dreamsLucid dreams, like any other type of altered state of consciousness are not only hard to quantify, but since they vary in their form from dreamer to dreamer, they don’t all fit easily into one category, or the other.

The great lucid dreams forum, Mortal Mist, has some posts that give us some ideas of how to differentiate what we are experiencing in this fascinating state of mind we can find ourselves in.

Here is a portion of one post on the difference between two types of dreams, the INRAD and the WILD.

What is an INRALD?
INRALD stands for “I’m Not Really Awake Lucid Dream.” It’s very similar to a false awakening, in the sense that you usually find your self in the place you were sleeping last and you will swear that you are awake. The difference between INRALDs and FAs is whether you “woke up” from a dream or not. With an INRALD, you won’t usually remember dreaming.

The History of the INRALD

A while back, pj made an insightful discovery. While he was waiting to experience some tell-tale signs of entering the dream state, he had unknowingly completed a WILD transition. He discovered, upon reality-checking, that he was already asleep and only dreaming he was laying there sleepless! It was then that the term INRALD was coined.


You need to go read the rest of this and then you can also read about pj’s “insightful discovery”. Fascinating stuff!

Enjoy your lucid dreams, and may they open new and wonderful doors to greater consciousness!

Mortal Mist – A Forum for Travelers

Mortal Mist

Explore the Mortal Mist

One of the things that we find as we explore other realms and levels of consciousness, is that the journey there is filled with questions. One of the best ways to get answers, at least to give you a frame of reference to work in, is to talk with other people who have done what you are attempting to do.

All of us have learned most of what we know from other people, or their experiences that they shared with us. If we are are wise, we look at those things and then create our own experience from them.

A great place I have found to read and share experiences in these realms, like astral travel or lucid dreaming to name a couple, is the forum at Mortal Mist

Just register for free and begin to browse. There are many things to learn and much you can probably share with others.

Here is an excerpt from the Forum that explains what they do:

Welcome, fellow dreamers, to Mortal Mist, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Within these forums are located the most advanced Dream Jounaling system currently in place on the net, complete with statistics, tagging, and a tool with which to draw your dreams from inside the posting page and easily post your finished picture into your journal entry without having to worry about finding somewhere to host the picture or fiddle with attachments. Aside from the DJ itself, the best thing here is our members, who are undoubtably the heart of the forum, and one of the most mature crowds present at any dreaming forum up.

And speaking of sharing, don’t forget the contest we are running called “Sharing the Experience”. You can win the beautiful “Headphones in a Pillow” from if you get the most people to comment on your Mortal Mist experience.

Using Affirmations before starting OBEs

Taking Control of your OBE

OBEOnce again, our favorite guest blogger on OBE has written a post which will certainly be something that many of you can learn from.

She writes about “rediscovering” the technique of using particular affirmations before you begin your journey to, in effect, allow the journey to proceed as you want it to.

Using affirmations, or control phrases, like “Clarity Now!”, or “Awareness now!” or “to my Higher Self”, she found the control of the experience was more in her hands and less left to “chance”.

Here is an excerpt from her blog about how using the affirmations changed her OBE experience:

I am pleased with the result, which adds to my excitement to know there is so much more for me to learn and experience now that I can control my environment better! In the beginning these affirmations gave me the basic stability I needed to get a few tasks done as I was not accustomed to seeing how to move about and use my thoughts and intentions. Now, in resuming the use of affirmations again with my more experienced knowledge of the astral environment, I am astounded that my ability to navigate the realm is even greater!

Her rediscovery came after reviewing some of William Buhlman’s newest work which brought her back to a more solid base to begin her journeys with.

William Buhlman on the OBE

We have written about William Buhlman on this blog before and we have featured the writings of Karen659 in 2 guest posts.

Read the whole post about the process of using the affirmations to have a more controlled OBE on her blog.

The Power of Connections

In my research for this blog, I am always searching the internet for relevant information to write about and to share with you, our readers. I search blogs and forums and google around the whole net to find good content.

And then sometimes, it walks right in the door. That was the case recently, when I noticed we were getting some interesting traffic coming from another blog. So I went to investigate. And guess what? I found a really good source of a wide range of information about changing our lives.

The Gateway Experience is certainly about doing just that. But as in all things, there is more than one way “to skin a cat” (apologies to cat lovers – it’s just an old expression :-)). Steve Pavlina has established quite a reputation in the area of personal development with more than 2 million monthly readers to his website. He has also been quoted in numerous big name newspapers and other publications, and published his own book called “Personal Development for Smart People” in 2008.

Here is an excerpt from a recent blog post that begins “The Power of Connections”. The whole post is worth the read.

One of the conscious growth principles I’ve been teaching for years is the principle of Love. This principle states that you’ll grow significantly faster — and enjoy the process of growth much more — when your life is rich in supportive, encouraging connections.

People violate this principle constantly — and to their detriment when they do so. Partly that happens because they don’t understand this principle deeply enough.

That is what this blog is about: encouraging connections as we explore the fascinating, but sometimes confusing, world of expanding consciousness.

After you’ve read Steve’s article, we’d love to get your comments.

The Path: Beyond the Physical Trailer

In an earlier post, I briefly introduced our readers to William Buhlman whose book Adventure of the Body, I read many years ago. Since one of our affiliates knows him and mentioned doing some review work for him, I decided I need to re-visit one of his websites,

There he says it very simply: OBEs are the cutting edge of human exploration” and there is something, I believe, in all of us that likes the idea of exploration. We often live lives that are really full of the mundane and we may even slip so low as to living lives of quiet desperation.

The OBE gives us a chance to “slip the surly bonds of earth” and go where few dare to go. The video below introduces the movie called “The Path: Beyond the Physical”. Open your mind and your explorer genes and enjoy the journey!

Fear and the OBE

OBEWe’ve gotten another guest post from a truly remarkable traveler who writes beautifully about her experiences and shares openly with readers that may be still hesitating to explore the state we call out-of-body, or OBE.

One of the things that affects many potential travelers into OBE is Fear! It is fear of the unknown and is a common characteristic of us humans. We are afraid of what we don’t know, even if we don’t know what it is! 🙂 Continue reading

The Gateway Experience and Sleepsonic

sleepsonic and girlAs you already know, when you are using any kind of audio program like The Gateway Experience, sitting up with headphones on for a longer period of time can get uncomfortable. Some of our readers say their neck muscles get sore; some even say they have spasms.

Others report that since they tend to doze off on some of the focus exercises (which is OK – your sub-conscious never sleeps!), they experience that sometimes painful snap of the neck that wakes them up.

Sleepsonic Offers the Perfect Solution

How to beat that problem? We looked around and have found a great solution for you: it is the “Headphones in a Pillow” from Continue reading

The Lucid Dream – What is It?

What is the Lucid Dream?

lucid dreamMany people have heard the term “lucid dream”, but haven’t really understood what that is. Here is one definition from the internet:

“A lucid dream is a dream in which the sleeper is aware that she or he is dreaming. When the dreamer is lucid, she or he can actively participate in and often manipulate the imaginary experiences in the dream environment.”

So now you have a definition. But what does it really mean to “actively participate in” or “manipulate” the dream? If you are asleep, how do you do anything in your dream? Is this doubletalk, or is it really possible?

The confusion comes from the way we tend to think of “awake” and “asleep”. There is a tendency to view these as two completely separate states of being, and unrelated. The things I do when I’m awake are “real”; what I “do” when I’m asleep is un-real.

But when we begin to understand consciousness (not just being conscious, or aware), but in a state where we are aware of ourselves all the time, then we realize that “all the time” also includes the sleep and dream states. And if we can become aware in the dream state, then we can indeed participate or manipulate the situation just like we can do it when we are what we call awake.

The Dream State and How to Use It

The dream state is often when our consciousness presents us with information to process, or deal with, that it knows we will ignore when we are awake. Our awake mind has lots of filters and they often are set by us to keep unpleasant things out of the way, so to speak. These can be simple day-to-day issues we need to address; or they can be really deep seated issues that need resolution for us to be able to move forward.

I went through a stage where I had many dreams that included dangerous situations that I found myself in. They usually included someone else who was trying to harm me, or where I was sure the situation would get out of hand. As I got better at being aware of my dreams, in other words I began to be lucid in my dreams, I began to do the following:

I would wake up during the dream and remember it vividly. I would close my eyes again. I would “watch” the dream like as a video, hit the “rewind button”, play back to the beginning of the danger scene, rewrite it, and then re-play it with a “happy ending”.

Lucid Dream – A Message from the Sub-Conscious

Somewhere in my sub-conscious was an area that was dealing with anger, violence, danger, or whatever. The dreams were simply bringing that to my attention. These dreams we would normally call nightmares. But, when you are aware of what you are dreaming, and know that you are in control of them, you can manipulate them like I did.

Keeping in mind that the sleep state and the activities there may be reflecting the awake state; then resolving things in the sleep state will resolve them in the other state. And doing it while we’re dreaming may be easier for us since we control the whole situation. And when we have addressed the issue in the dream, and resolved it, we may never have to address it in what might be a more uncomfortable situation in the awake state.

The Lucid Dream and the OOBE

One other aspect of the lucid dream is that it can be confused with an out of body experience. Since the dream can seem so real, as an OOBE does, we have to figure out which is which. One of the guest bloggers and Gateway Experience affiliates talks about recording her dream and realizing there were many signals she overlooked that could have helped her. She puts it this way:

“It was at that point I woke and recorded as much information as I could remember. In reviewing this account, there were many times I should have picked up on a ‘dream sign’ or signal, yet I know with continued practice, I shall be able to become more lucid more often and turn more of my ‘dreams’ into a full OOBs.”

Whether you stay in the lucid dream state or transition into an OOBE, you are exploring new states of awareness and new levels of consciousness, this is what The Gateway Experience is all about.