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The Power of Connections

In my research for this blog, I am always searching the internet for relevant information to write about and to share with you, our readers. I search blogs and forums and google around the whole net to find good content.

And then sometimes, it walks right in the door. That was the case recently, when I noticed we were getting some interesting traffic coming from another blog. So I went to investigate. And guess what? I found a really good source of a wide range of information about changing our lives.

The Gateway Experience is certainly about doing just that. But as in all things, there is more than one way “to skin a cat” (apologies to cat lovers – it’s just an old expression :-)). Steve Pavlina has established quite a reputation in the area of personal development with more than 2 million monthly readers to his website. He has also been quoted in numerous big name newspapers and other publications, and published his own book called “Personal Development for Smart People” in 2008.

Here is an excerpt from a recent blog post that begins “The Power of Connections”. The whole post is worth the read.

One of the conscious growth principles I’ve been teaching for years is the principle of Love. This principle states that you’ll grow significantly faster — and enjoy the process of growth much more — when your life is rich in supportive, encouraging connections.

People violate this principle constantly — and to their detriment when they do so. Partly that happens because they don’t understand this principle deeply enough.

That is what this blog is about: encouraging connections as we explore the fascinating, but sometimes confusing, world of expanding consciousness.

After you’ve read Steve’s article, we’d love to get your comments.

The Path: Beyond the Physical Trailer

In an earlier post, I briefly introduced our readers to William Buhlman whose book Adventure of the Body, I read many years ago. Since one of our affiliates knows him and mentioned doing some review work for him, I decided I need to re-visit one of his websites,

There he says it very simply: OBEs are the cutting edge of human exploration” and there is something, I believe, in all of us that likes the idea of exploration. We often live lives that are really full of the mundane and we may even slip so low as to living lives of quiet desperation.

The OBE gives us a chance to “slip the surly bonds of earth” and go where few dare to go. The video below introduces the movie called “The Path: Beyond the Physical”. Open your mind and your explorer genes and enjoy the journey!

Fear and the OBE

OBEWe’ve gotten another guest post from a truly remarkable traveler who writes beautifully about her experiences and shares openly with readers that may be still hesitating to explore the state we call out-of-body, or OBE.

One of the things that affects many potential travelers into OBE is Fear! It is fear of the unknown and is a common characteristic of us humans. We are afraid of what we don’t know, even if we don’t know what it is! 🙂 Continue reading

Paul Rademacher – "Spiritual Hitchhiker"

Paul Rademacher How does a Princeton-trained theologian fit into The Gateway Experience? Is there really a conflict between religion and spirituality? A good person to ask these questions to is Paul Rademacher whose autobiography is entitled “The Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe – Travel Tips for the Spiritually Perplexed”. From building contractor to Presbyterian pastor to Executive Director of The Monroe Institute, the creators of The Gateway Experience. What an exciting journey!

Paul Rademacher – His Personal Journey

This book describes his personal journey and addresses the how he sees the differences between religion and spirituality. And as the title suggests, he gives his readers some tips for their own journeys.

If you have never read an issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine, then their current interview with Mr. Rademacher is reason enough. In the interview, he addresses the OOB experience. The interviewer made this statement:

“There tends to be a misunderstanding about out-of-body work that reinforces the material/ spiritual dichotomy, yet it seems to bring spiritual validity to our perceived material world, we have to come to the understanding that spirituality includes the body, not separate from the body.”

His response:

“It is an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand the Institute has been known for the out-of-body exploration, but that has been a misnomer. That is something we struggle with all the time as we try to reshape the public perception of what we do since most of that point of view comes from just reading Bob Monroe’s books which were all about the out-of-body experience.
In truth, Bob Monroe and the Institute over the years have found out that this is just one small slice of a very, very big pie. There is a renewed emphasis on bringing together the physical experience and the metaphysical experience into a whole. We really see ourselves as being of service to humanity and continue to look in the best way possible to help promote some kind of global awakening. That is really the force that drives us to do what we do.”


I would encourage you to check with your local bookstore to get this issue and read the whole interview. If your bookstore doesn’t carry it, ask them to start doing it; or go online and order it there:

Paul Rademacher – The Path Documentary

Another way to get to know this fascinating gentleman is to listen to him talk about his insights in this short video.


One thing that comes out of the SC interview is that there should be no dichotomy in the search for spiritual understanding; spirituality always includes the body. It is the temple in which we experience this life. The so-called “out of body” state is really a misnomer; we are simply exploring an expanded state of consciousness while we are in our bodies.

And if we are wise, we bring the knowledge gained on our explorations back to our physical world and apply them to make this a better world to experience in our bodies. This is the mission that Paul Rademacher is now pursing within the Monroe Institute.

William Buhlman on the Out of Body Experience

William Buhlman - Out of Body ExperienceWilliam Buhlman has been an explorer of the Out of Body Experience for many years. I ran across his book, “Adventures Beyond the Body” many years ago and found it to be a useful guide for someone just starting out.

Recently, I ran across a reference to an article he wrote on his own blog: The article is fittingly entitled, The Out of Body Experience”!

The Mindset of the Out of Body Experience Explorer

He writes about what he calls the Out of Body Exploration Mindset. Mindset is, of course, always a part of everything we think, say and do, but it is especially important when we embark on something new. It is our human fear of the unknown.

Here is a short excerpt from his article:

During out-of-body exploration we confront many interesting experiences; these include vibrational state fears, thought forms, self made and external energy creations, contact with non-physical inhabitants and countless other issues. However, the single most pervasive issue we experience is our own indoctrinated mindset and state of consciousness. Our perception of reality is distorted by a collection of falsehoods and beliefs and complicated even further by our grossly inaccurate form based self-image. Our ability to effectively explore thought responsive realities is often blocked by our own conscious and subconscious mind.

Out of Body Experience with The Gateway Experience

We encourage you to follow the link in the excerpt and read the whole article. It can get you on the right footing, and in the right mindset, to begin the journey that we call The Gateway Experience, that will lead you into the wonderful world of the Out of Body Experience!

Learn more about the out of body experience from Robert Monroe and the “Explorers” at

OOB – Personal Experiences

OOBIt is our great pleasure to present our first guest post on this blog from someone who has not only had many OOB experiences, but who kept a journal of them to track what she was experiencing. Here is her story, and we invite you to visit her blog to read more.

OOB Traveling Begins

It has been about five years since I have started traveling OOB on a regular basis, privately journaling each and every experience, and three years since I started posting them in my public blog ( I have learned much about myself and my world around me, and shall continue to learn for as long as I live. My motto has always been, “the more we learn, the more limitless the Universe becomes!” Continue reading

The Gateway Experience – It’s not all about OBEs

History of The Gateway Experience

obeThe Gateway Experience, for at-home use, came from the Gateway Voyage program, which was developed back in the 70’s by Robert Monroe, and is still offered at The Monroe Institute today. Many people were attracted to this program and you can read about many of them in this blog.

This group included some of the leading minds and participants in the military’s remote viewing program as well as members of the US Army’s Intelligence and Security Command under the command of MG Bert Stubblebine. But, it also attracted many people who were just interested in exploring deeper aspects of themselves. Continue reading

Are OOBEs Sacrilegious?

What does the Bible say about OOBE?

OOBEIn my research for this blog, I recently ran across a TV interview with a Christian pastor who was asked about OOBEs. I found his reply quite interesting in the way he separated what he considered to be “of God” and what was not.

He began by referring to several books of the Bible like Isaiah, Ezekiel and John’s Revelations. He spoke about the visions that these prophets had had and the fact that they seemed to have been in an out-of-body state when they received this information. Continue reading