Dealing with Death

No matter what your spiritual or religious outlook, what we refer to as “death” is a concept that most people still have trouble understanding.  It becomes more difficult when the death is of someone who is close to us since we may feel the loss more deeply.

For some, the loss can be bridged by using the greater aspect of what we are to communicate with the one departed thereby relieving ourselves of concern for the departed.

I just received a note that one of our Gateway friends had gone through the loss of her father by using her experience and expertise in astral projection. She has written a  lovely blog post on the Astral Projection website in which she shares this experience.

Here is an excerpt:

Our Dad is alive and kicking, albeit without a physical body, he made sure and is still making sure that this message is getting across. He had to discard his physical body due to illness but he is still with us. Signs from the beyond tell us that our loved ones are well.

The whole post is worth the read. maybe it will help you or someone you know in dealing with death.

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