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Ken Eagle Feather

Ken Eagle Feather

Ken Eagle Feather, is an explorer from Richmond, Virginia who has probed the depths of what Robert Monroe called the “body asleep/mind awake” state of being. Only he refers to this state as dreaming-awake, or “dreaming while awake,”or heightened awareness.

Ken Eagle Feather, also known as Kevin Smith, is an author, teacher, speaker and communications director for a medical science research organization. Thus far he has written six books which take readers on magnificent journeys through the philosophies of Carlos Castaneda, to the Toltec spirituality, to Native and Mesoamerican shamanism, to the teachings of Yaqui shaman don Juan Matus, a central figure in the Castaneda series of books.

In fact, his book “A Toltec Path”, is a users guide to Toltec teachings and an overview of the work of Carlos Castaneda. It is considered to be a classic in the field of Toltec studies revealing the entire system from theory to practical exercises as it was written on don Juan’s instruction to expound upon the Carlos Castaneda material.

Many well-known anthropologists such as Carlos Castaneda have written about dreaming-awake, as have psychologists Arnold Mindell. It is a dynamic state of awareness that allows you to directly experience the creative interplay between personal and environmental energies. As a result, your daily life literally becomes a dream. Your senses are sharper and clearer, and you feel more alive as your world springs more to life.

His other books, such as “Traveling with Power” offers stories, perspectives and how-to exercise about exploring the world of dreams. While “The Dream of Vixen Tor” is a true story about how the world can turn into an adventure when a person steps into a heightened awareness.

Ken Eagle Feather conducts workshops around the world where he guides his students to experience first-hand an altered state of consciousness. Along the way he shows how to perceive auras and waking-dream states, which are the beginning steps into the world of energy and the other realms of consciousness.

Ken Eagle Feather has written six books which include:

• Traveling with Power: The Exploration and Development of Perception

• A Toltec Path: A User’s Guide to the Teachings of Don Juan Matus, Carlos Castaneda, and Other Toltec Seers

• Tracking Freedom: A Guide for Personal Evolution

• The Dream of Vixen Tor: A Restoring the Crown Book

• On the Toltec Path: A Practical Guide to the Teachings of don Juan Matus, Carlos Castaneda, and Other Toltec Seers

• Toltec Dreaming: Don Juan’s Teachings on the Energy Body

4 thoughts on “Explorer: Ken Eagle Feather

  1. Brian Cottingham

    Hi Ken,
    I just wanted to say g’day. I still havent encountered someone who has actually raised their Kundalini and experienced Enlightenment as I have, Sparingly Brian

    1. David Franke

      What do you mean, Brian? Did you have a sudden blowout type experience? Everything got lifted through the roof, at once?
      I had one of those in 2010. My head is still spinning.

  2. Bill

    Is there a difference in A Toltec Path and On The Toltec Path. I have had A Toltec Path for years and I’m now reading it again. Do I need to get a copy of On The Toltec Path?

  3. Zdenek

    HI,i have few question on you.

    Can you help me wit dreaming?

    I have few experience and i feel you can help me long time a look for way how to find you….

    There is my mail

    I will be happy to meet with you.

    Thank you Zdenek


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