Jose Silva and the Mirror of the Mind

jose silvaThanks again to the Astral Projectors Facebook page for this very interesting video on Jose Silva and one of the methods he discovered years ago to help people deal with problems in their lives.

The Mirror of the Mind method goes through three steps:

1) Meditate or get yourself relaxed any other way
Get relaxed, let go of stress and prepare to face the issue calmly

2) Understand the problem
Picture a mirror with a blue frame, and then put the problem into the mirror, as  a word or
phrase, or of course, as a symbol that represents the issue. Study it without emotion and get it clear in your mind.

3) Discover the solution
Now, in your mind, erase the problem from the mirror, move it to the left and change the frame color to white. Then picture the solution to the problem in the mirror or, better yet, picture the results of the solution and stay focused on that result, seeing yourself now free of the problem.

Clearly facing, defining and naming the problem is key to this type of “exorcism”. Once you’ve done that, the problem starts to lose its power over you because you have taken it out of the dark recesses of your mind and brought it into the light, so to speak.

The most difficult issues we have to face within ourselves do not like being exposed. They hide in crevices and cracks in the mind; they love the dark cellars where we are afraid to go; they come out in the night, wake us up and exercise their control over us.

But, they are our own creations. They are artifacts of past experiences, of fears, of the unknown we face each day. But as their Creator, we have the power of life or death over them. It is up to us to un-create them, to turn off their power, to unplug them from our neuro-system, and to take control again of that aspect of our life.

This video is a short one, but talks about how Jose Silva found his way to this realization and gives some great examples of people who have successfully integrated this method into their lives. The talk by his granddaughter is especially cool. Listen to the part about dealing with the monsters.

Enjoy the video and leave us your comments below.


One thought on “Jose Silva and the Mirror of the Mind

  1. Jaime Lundquist

    Great video to watch and so full of great information! It has helped me understand awesome things and how powerful our mind is! this video takes me to higher levels of understanding of reality!


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