Wave III – Freedom

 Order CD’s, $99.00 Wave III – Freedom (3 CDs – 6 Exercises). It is assumed that the listener has taken Waves I and II exercises and have gained the confidence to move forward and tackle Wave III Freedom exercises. These exercises facilitate the listener’s entry to further self exploration with ease. With the steps learned […]

Wave II – Threshold

 Order CD’s, $99.00     More about The Threshold – Stepping Into the Unknown with Wave II Wave II – Threshold (3 CDs – 6 Exercises) is the set of exercises introducing the listener to Focus 12. In Focus 12, one’s awareness becomes more expanded beyond physical matters, while being aware of the environment at […]

Wave I – Discovery

 Order CD’s, $99.00   More about Wave I – Discovery Wave I – Discovery (3 CDs – 6 Exercises) contains the following exercises to introduce the listener to the first steps in discovering this experience – Orientation, Introduction to Focus 10, Advanced Focus 10, Release and Recharge, Exploration Sleep and Focus 10 Free Flow. Wave 1 […]

Catapult – Robert Monroe Biography

An illuminating biography of Robert Monroe, the iconoclast and pioneer who sparked a sub-industry in mind expansion. You are treated to his physical and nonphysical worlds, from the beginning of his out-of-body experiences to his subsequent galactic explorations. The story of Robert Monroe ranges far afield — from business peaks to financial canyons, from enthusiastic […]

Far Journeys

The sequel to Monroe’s classic and best selling Journey Out Of The Body is an amazing para-psychological odyssey that reflects a decade of in-depth research into the psychic realm beyond the known dimensions of physical reality. In Journeys Out of the Body, Robert Monroe introduced readers to his remarkable excursions out-of-body and into outer consciousness.  […]