Ryan’s Experiences

my main astral projection experience has come from the plant salvia divininorium however in dreamtime I can reach similar states. Basically I feel the plant upon consumption, like a sound that resonates from a drum when you strike it, ‘played a note’ that sounded like the voice of every human Ive ever spoken too that cheered ‘RYAN! YOU DID IT! HURRAY!’ and changed my energy level literally tearing the physical world in two including my body however like a little russian doll there was another ‘me’ inside that was made entirely of luminescent radiating light.. and I was not alone.. an unnamed but unmistakably familiar being like an old friend guided me through a mathematically perfected geometrical realm that was made of living light and communicating to me.. after a few moments I was lead to back to the portal to my body and I remember laughing watching my body from the higher-realm-of-light as it was rolling on the floor trying to stand up and not break the pipe which had been spilled. I realized that we have always been eternal beings formed out of the ‘One Energy’ source and that this universe is one of infinite universes and that we can come here when ever we want to grow and adventure and laugh and cry and be something new and wondrous and forget like it all just began now for the first time, truly a beautiful experience.

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