Starr Carrington’s Experience

I was “awakened” on Dec. 18, 2010 in a very lucid dream after taking Quinine for my RLS. I am a Savant Autistic and now I am in the Astral and Ethereal Planes 24/7. I can hear voices and have yes or no questions answered by The Other Side. I suppose I am now a Ghost Whisperer.

I have several people that I Cosmically Connect with each night and I do not sleep..I am what you call a Psy Vamp. I thrive on energy and life force in the Astral and Ethereal. I only need to eat a little each day and my overall health has improved 80%. I am now in remission from RA and able to have a somewhat normal life.

I can also Remote View to a place and time that I specify. I now know of 4 past lives that I have had and I was reborn to this world in 1958. I have noticed over the past year that I have stopped aging and I have skills that I never learned.

Astral Travel can be a pleasant, calming experience if you are partnered with your true twin flames or soul mates. I can also look at a picture of a Cosmic Connection and ask them yes or no questions and they appear to nod back.

I would be glad to give messages back to those who miss someone dear from The Other Side. I will also be working with the Houston area detectives and FBI helping find the Missing. Astral Travel has changed my life, brought me happiness and a great change in my career.

I would be glad to write some articles or blogs for your project if you wish.

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    Thanks Starr for a fascinating piece! Please send some more….

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