Skip Atwater: Captain of the Monroe Institute

Skip Atwater

F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater has had a long association with Robert Monroe. Like others before him, he migrated to the Monroe Institute from the STARGATE Project, which was the CIA directed experiment and application of remote viewing in counter espionage, conducted during the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

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  1. shone


    Dr.Skip Atwater

    My name is Shone and I am a student at Seoul National University College of Medicine majoring in Psychiatry.
    I am also very interested in out-of-body experience.
    I hope you don’t find me, a foreign college student, rude for sending this unexpected letter.
    I would greatly appreciate your kind understanding and generous reply.

    As yet, it is impossible to prove or explain all about Out of Body Experience via quantum mechanics or quantum nonlocality.

    However, I really appreciate if you could briefly explain Out of Body Experience phenomenon via quantum nonlocality based on the researches to date.

    You could also explain it in terms of quantum mechanics or physics.

    These are the questions that I hope you could shed some light on.
    I would appreciate your response at your convenience. Thank you.


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