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What a Great Idea – Exploring Our Future!

Exploring Our Future CDUsing additional programs or techniques to aid a visualization process is great when you have a skilled narrator offering the guidance.

Such is the case here where Lee Stone leads you into states of relaxation as the Hemi-Sync® signals assist you in moving into heightened states of consciousness. The process allows you to explore the world in the selected year of your choosing.

With such a beautifully sequenced exercise, the program helps you to visualize a future where the world has changed geophysically, socially, economically, and technologically.

From there you will be directed to focus your attention on specific areas, moving about and noticing changes that have taken place. Length: 58 minutes.

Available at http://store.hemisyncforyou.com/guided-meditation-exploring-our-future-with-hemi-sync/

Why Raise Your Consciousness?

It could be difficult to consider exactly what one’s own state of consciousness is, and how it currently works. There may be a certain disconnect between our collective and habitual level of thinking and survival and ways to embrace a higher self.

Take a moment to contemplate these ancient symbols as pathways and entry ways to different levels of thought:

Exploring Sublime States of Consciousness

Sleepsonic and The Gateway ExperienceSometimes the trance state is so sweet, like the moment you feel a lack of gravity you sense a fruitful shift into a completely different direction.

That is what many listeners of The Gateway Experience are after.  To progress using whatever natural means necessary to become proficient at the art of shifting the mind from normal human awareness into a completely new vantage point.

The Out of Body Experience is the thrilling experience you had when you  reached a new remote place of observation. It doesn’t have to be a struggle since the tools and techniques for being comfortable learning about this process are now at your disposal.

Sleepsonic Executive Black Quilt

Sleepsonic Executive Black Quilt SS-150 at Store.Hemisyncforyou.com

Since we have some experience ourselves in out of body experiences, including ones that are facilitated by Hemi-Sync materials, we always rank The Gateway Experience CD Set as one of the better programs for exploring the non-physical dimensions of self.

We also have to say that the Sleepsonic Pillow is one of the best ways to deliver the audio support you’re using for your “training” . It has helped thousands of users harness the best from the audio programs they use for explorations of sublime states of consciousness.

Experience how the Sleepsonic pillow is a viable sound delivery solution for your Gateway Experience Journeys!

SS-150 Organic Sherpa and The Gateway Experience 18 CD Set, available for a limited time only.*
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Wave V – Exploring

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More About Wave V Exploring

Wave V – Exploring (6 CDs – 6 Exercises) is all about new explorations, or potentially explorations of unknowns in a new light. Our new explorer (you), is now ready to embark upon a different set of Hemi-Sync frequencies that leads to Focus 15.

Monroe called this Focus 15 a state where time is non-existent. One is said to be just being.  One is not aware of anything else other than being there, wherever there maybe. The physical body and its senses are shut down from one’s awareness.

There are important lessons and exercises in Wave V that help the explorer advance from the other previously learned Wave exercises. As though, everything can happen all at the same time and becoming more alert and aware, ready for the next adventure. Many new discoveries of self are beginning to surface. The more you relax, the deeper your focus and awareness get.

Keep Exploring at Your own Pace

You probably will not wait for the next moment to experience more, but be patient. Keep the exercise flowing naturally. You will get “there” in “no time.” So, enjoy every moment and the innocence of the first experience.

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