Overcoming Fear While OOB – The Final Part

OOBIn the previous part, Karen wrote about how to deal with negative entities while you are OOB. This final part talks about some of the great resources she recommends to help you along the way.

Resources for the OOB Experience – The Path Already Trod

To help overcome your fears, I recommend reading and learning about the astral realms and OOB travel. (Good sites/books are recommended on my blog or email me for suggestions.) In this way, it will help impress upon your subconscious to give you NO DOUBT whatsoever that you CANNOT be harmed in the astral!! Remember, any fear stops OOBEs, as you will not be allowed to continue with them – as it will only cause more ‘fearful’ constructs.

A great resource for information is William Buhlman’s website and books. Under “Questions and Benefits,” someone asks him about fear and he recommends affirmations and offers advice on overcoming various fears individuals have about going OOB.

In his workshops, William Buhlman tells us that we are more protected than we think. We are also more than what we are, a multidimensional being, just as Jurgen Ziewe described in his book, Multidimensional Man, another great book about learning lessons out of body.

Robert Monroe and his books, along with this Gateway Experience website, offers many articles and enlightened reading for those who seek more knowledge about out of body travel.

Ultimately, though, every individual is different…and not knowing individual backgrounds and belief systems, I can’t tell you how best to proceed. My answer to is to go with what ‘feels right’…and you can’t go wrong!

Controlling Your Emotions – The Secret to Success While OOB!

In summary, a key aspect to successfully navigating the astral realm is to learn to have complete control over your emotions – ANY emotion except for loving energy is to be kept in check. It is not easy, but with practice you CAN do it! Be confident, unemotional, affirm your intentions, and surround yourself with white light protection or whatever works for you will all make for a very successful experience.

You are a soul, just as others are souls, immortal and with the same powers. So if you are afraid to meet entities, KNOW that you are also an entity, and nothing can be stronger than you. Do not give away your control by offering them fear. It is true that many negative encounters are merely an energy representation of our own inner fear based thoughts, as William Buhlman describes it.

I agree with him that learning to journey out of body can be a highly effective way to confront and resolve our inner fears and blocks, as facing our problems or fears and taking control is the most effective way to overcome and eliminate them.

KNOW that you are safe and protected at all times, and act as if you are NOT afraid. This is an effective tool for all aspects of our lives, if we want to change a behavior, we only have to act as if we have already changed it…and then we can claim it. Practicing this in our ‘real life’ situations prepares you for making the changes you need to guide to you successful OOB experiences!

Karen’s blog for lots more of this is: http://karen659.blogspot.com/

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